Spanish Speaking Pediatrician Near State College PA

Spanish Speaking Pediatrician Near State College PA

Board-Certified Pediatrician Dr. Daniel Olivero at Olivero Pediatrics Specializes in Newborn Care and Prenatal Care for Expecting Parents. Our Expert Doctor Also Treats Concussions and Offers Asthma Care and Immunizations for Children Up to 21 Years. Walk-Ins Are Welcome. Olivero Pediatrics is Located at 1243 Skytop Mountain Rd. Suite 4, Port Matilda, PA 16870.

Spanish Speaking Pediatrician Near State College PA
Spanish Speaking Pediatrician Near State College PA

With Olivero Pediatrics, you’ll have a pediatrician who can provide comprehensive healthcare for your child. And if you’re an expecting parent, we can provide you with prenatal and postnatal care. Our pediatrician, Dr. Daniel Olivero, can take care of children from birth to college and provide any minor-emergency service your child requires.

If you’ve been searching for a quality Spanish-speaking pediatrician near you, then you’ve just found one with Dr. Olivero. Come see the doctor today. Our clinic offers walk-in service, so you don’t need an appointment!

How can I find a top-rated pediatrician who speaks Spanish?

If you live in the Port Matilda and State College PA area, you are in luck. Dr. Olivero at Olivero Pediatrics is the only Spanish speaking physician in the county for those seeking a Spanish speaking pediatrician.

It’s important to find a quality, dedicated board-certified pediatrician. You’ll also want a pediatrician that is top-rated by his or her patients. Dr. Olivero has received excellent reviews from his patients, which you can see for yourself on our Patient Reviews page.

Also, you’ll want to meet the pediatrician in-person to get an impression of him or her. You’ll want your child to meet with the pediatrician as well so your child can become comfortable with the pediatrician before being treated by the pediatrician. With Olivero Pediatrics, you’ll be able to walk in to meet Dr. Olivero with no appointment necessary!

Do Spanish speaking pediatricians accept same-day appointments?

Some pediatricians accept same-day appointments while other pediatricians don’t. Here at Olivero Pediatrics, Dr. Olivero accepts same-day appointments. If your child is ill or injured and it’s a minor emergency, then you can bring in your child to see the doctor right away, with no appointment booking necessary.

You can come in for any kind of minor-emergency pediatric service such as minor cut treatment, concussion care, a sick visit, newborn care, immunizations, a well-child visit, asthma testing/care, flu treatment, and more. All of these services are available same-day!

Are you a pediatrician who speaks Spanish and will take my insurance?

Here at Olivero Pediatrics, Dr. Daniel Olivero MD, F.A.A.P is a board-certified pediatrician. He is fully dedicated to the wellbeing of children, and he has children of his own. At our clinic, the doctor treats children of any age, from newborns to young adults under 21. He can also provide prenatal care for expecting mothers.

Dr. Olivero speaks Spanish fluently, so he is fully capable of speaking with you and your child in Spanish. He is also very personable and friendly, so we’re sure your child will grow to like and trust him! Also, the doctor accepts Medicare and most major insurance plans. He has self-pay plans for patients without insurance, and he also offers an amazing Zero Co-Pay program!

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Olivero, you can read more about him and his team on our About Us page. You can also come see him for a consultation!

Do you have a Spanish-speaking pediatrician near me in State College PA?

Yes, we do! Here at Olivero Pediatrics, Dr. Olivero would be very happy to meet you and your child. Our clinic is located at 1243 Skytop Mountain Rd. Suite 4, Port Matilda, PA 16870. We’re open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, and you can come see us without an appointment. If you’d prefer to book an appointment, you can book with us online.

We hope to see you and your child soon here at Olivero Pediatrics!