Kids Pediatrician

Kids Pediatrician Questions and Answers

A pediatrician provides newborns and children with all of their medical care. Dr. Daniel Olivero, M.D. and our team at Olivero Pediatrics serves newborns to children up to 21 years, so call us today or request an appointment online.

Kids Pediatrician Questions and Answers
Kids Pediatrician Questions and Answers

What does a child pediatrician do?

A pediatrician is a medical doctor that has been educated and trained on the care of children, from birth through to 18 years of age. They provide their patients with all of their medical care including preventative care, immunizations, routine checkups and the diagnosis and treatment of injuries, illnesses and diseases throughout the early years of their life. Pediatricians are well-versed in all of the illnesses common to children and recognizing the symptoms that can differ from the symptoms of an adult for the same illness. Pediatricians focus on preventative care with their patients by regularly checking on their physical, mental, social and behavioral health and monitoring their growth and development against the major milestones to ensure that if there are any delays and signs of serious health concerns, they are caught early on. They will work very closely with the parents of young kids to ensure that the parents understand the important of nutrition, physical activity and creating healthy habits in their kids, as well as flagging any areas of concern that the parents need to monitor. As kids grow up, the conversations will change to age-appropriate topics for each stage of life and a pediatrician can help adolescents and teenagers with puberty, acne, continuing to talk about nutrition and fitness, sexual health and the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

When should I find a pediatrician for my baby?

Finding a new doctor can be stressful, especially if you are trying to find one when you urgently need to see one. With a new baby, you want to make sure that you know who to turn to when you need medical care or advice regarding your baby’s health or development. The best time to look for a pediatrician is during pregnancy, prior to needing to use their services. That way you and your partner can take the time to do your research and meet prospective pediatricians to understand how their practice works and when you will need to see them for routine checkups. You want to ensure that you are choosing a pediatrician that is convenient and easily accessible for you, and that you feel comfortable with. Your pediatrician will want to start medical care of your baby immediately following their birth, so it is important to have them in place prior to the baby being born. A pediatrician is a key member of a family’s support network, so picking the one that is right for your family is very important.

What illnesses do pediatricians treat?

Pediatricians can diagnose and treat any childhood illness, as well as provide a preliminary diagnosis for disease and more serious conditions that require specialized care. There are many illnesses that are common to children and a pediatrician is knowledgeable in the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for these ailments. There is a wide range of pediatric specialists as well, including pediatric oncologists, pediatric cardiologists, pediatric neurologists and many more who have been specially trained not just to diagnose and treat more serious illnesses, injuries and diseases, but specifically to treat them in children. Your pediatrician can refer your child to one of these specialists for any treatment that is outside of their more general scope of practice.

How do I find a good pediatrician for my child?

A good place to start in finding a pediatrician is through referrals and recommendations. You can ask friends and family who have kids for their recommendations and experiences with their pediatrician. You can also ask your family doctor or the OBGYN who is doing your prenatal care if they have a pediatrician they would recommend. Using a pediatrician for your baby’s care is a personal choice as some families choose to use their family doctor instead. You can ask your family doctor if they provide medical care for babies and young children as well, if you would be more comfortable keeping the care of your family members in one practice. If all else fails, you can do research on the internet looking for pediatricians close to you, read online reviews and make appointments to meet a couple to find one that you are comfortable with. If you are looking for a pediatrician, then you have come to the right place: Our team at Olivero Pediatrics serves newborns to children up to 21 years and parents and our patients enjoy the top-level medical care that that we provide. We are open from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. We serve patients from Port Matilda PA, Waddle, PA, Julian PA, State College PA, Bellefonte PA, Pennsylvania Furnace PA, and Pine Grove Mills PA. Looking forward to serve you!